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Think for a minute, how forgiving would you be as if your pet messed the carpet several times a day? I think eventually you’d give up on your pets and take them out into the wilderness and set them free, you know what I mean - dump them.

God’s love and forgiveness is astounding – he gets hurt every time we mess up or sin, but he keeps on loving us. God’s love is unconditional – like no other love. God’s love is never ending and it doesn’t run out if we keep messing up, which is lucky because we all keep messing up several times each day.

So what about the question that inspired this talk. Are we God’s pets? In essence both yes and no. Yes, in that he is master of the universe, he’s in charge, he made this place he decides if we get another breath or when the world will end.

But no I don’t believe that God is our master in the way that we might be masters of our pets. I believe God could have treated us like we treat animals. Thankfully he loves us more deeply than we could ever love a pet. But what really sets us apart is how he relates to us.

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