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As someone (Dr. Waights G. Henry, Jr.) put it: “The past remain with us. For good or ill what we are is a result of what we have done.” To illustrate this point let us consider an example from the life of the Duke of Windsor. Someone asked him if they could show film taken from various segments of his life on film for continuous and public showing. He agreed to allow them to show continuous footage from his life so long as he could censor the film. The film that he had before censoring was 60,000 feet long. When he get through with his censoring, only 12,000 feet remained in the film. (Dr. Waights G. Henry, Jr. Begin Where You Are. Atlanta: Joint Radio Committee: The Methodist Church, 1960, p. 5). Now if you do the math you can conclude that he cut out four-fifths of the film. If someone were to approach those of us in the adult bracket of the audience and make us the same offer, how much film would we censor?

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