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Hindu Finally Understands the Incarnation

The story is told of Hindu who was being witnessed to by Christian missionaries. He wondered at this strange concept he was told of that was called the incarnation—the claim the missionaries made that the Great God who created the world entered human history as a man. He wondered why that was so necessary until one day he came upon an ant hill. And of course Hindus believe that all creatures are a part of God. And he noticed that there was a stream of water approaching this ant hill, a stream most assuredly would fill the ants’ home, their hole and their hill and drown them all. And he didn’t want to see that. And he said to Himself if only He could become one of the ants so that he communicate to them and warn them if the impending disaster that was about to come their. And all of sudden the light bulb went on. All of a sudden he understood the incarnation and why it was so necessary. Because indeed there is a great caring God above, who cares for His creatures and sees that they are about to drown in the darkness and death created by their own sin, and so God who is able to do all things, became a man himself, and thrust Himself into that darkness to warn of the impending doom and enable his creatures, mankind to escape, not merely die another day, but in this case to live, and live forever as children of God blessed in every way by God for ever, and ever.

From a sermon by James Wallace, Reality 101--The Ultimate Revelation of God, 11/12/2009

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