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Difficult People Are Like Tools

Some difficult people are like the tools in your tool shed:

A. Measuring tape: These people always let us know that we don’t quite measure up. These perfectionists feel compelled to set the standards for everyone else. In short, they judge by their own standards of righteousness.

B. The hammer: These people are as subtle as a freight train. They push their agendas on others and force their will. Everyone walks on eggshells around a hammer, because we never know when the hammer’s going to come down! They are stubbornly committed to use force in whatever way that it works for them to get their way.

C. Skill saw: Know just the thing to say that will hurt the most. These people have a great ability to cut to the quick and leave others bleeding on the floor. Skill saws win verbal arguments every time- not because they’re right, but because they know where to cut to weaken others.

D. Vise grips: People who get a grip and don’t know when to let go. They are extra needy and usually squeeze the life out of us. These people have no clue when it comes to social and relational boundaries. They bounce from one crisis to the next, needing constant support and encouragement. They don’t care about other relationships in our lives; our attention must be focused on them.

E. Grinders: people with...

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