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I don't think any of us would consider ourselves to be wealthy when it comes to the top level of money makers in the USA, and while we clearly are not as well off as we were a year ago, our level of wealth and possibilities of being able to make a living far surpasses most of the world. Such wealth has made people comfortable but it hasn't solved as many problems as we would like. Instead it has tempted people to get involved in more bad stuff.

In 1964 President Johnson signed into legislation something referred to as the “War on Poverty” where our country committed itself to making sure every person in the US would be helped out of their poverty. In 2009 our percentage of poor people is almost the exact percentage as it was in 1964. Jesus said “The poor you will always have with you...” and we have seen it be played out before our eyes.

Obedience to what is right is a choice and throwing money at a problem doesn't fix the real problem. A spiritual strength is needed to overcome these problems, and people who are generous at the right time are the real method of ministry God wants to reach the poor and the troubled. Instead we often see those with wealth too caught up in their own desires to care about how much damage they are doing to their own hearts. It is a common problem, success is often equated with excess – if you make it then you should be allowed to blow it all on whatever you want. It isn't that God wants to prevent us from having nice things – he blesses us with so much that we are rich – but if that is the only reason to save then we will never be satisfied.

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