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Two weeks ago there were about a hundred protesters picketing the Second Baptist Church of Houston, Texas. This was a group of Hindus who were upset that the Southern Baptist Convention was encouraging its churches like Second Baptist, which incidentally has over 10,000 members, to make a special effort to share the gospel with Hindu people. This group was no doubt encouraged by the Hindus in India who insisted that the Pope, during his recent trip there, declared that Jesus Christ is not the only route to salvation. As one Hindu leader said, "A religion that condemns all others to eternal hell is selfish, exclusionist and promotes hatred." Jews and Muslims are also angered over the fact that Southern Baptists have been encouraged to pray for them. Many in the media have expressed outrage toward what they see as the intolerance of evangelical Christians. One newspaper editorial said, "These conversion efforts are reminiscent of the Middle Ages when the church burned at the stake anyone who refused to convert."

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