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In 1893, the World Exposition was held in Chicago, and more than 21 million people visited the exhibits.

Among the features was a "World Parliament of Religions," with representatives of the world's religions, meeting to share their "best points" and perhaps come up with a new religion for the world.

Evangelist D.L. Moody saw this as a great opportunity for evangelism. He used churches, rented theaters, and even rented a circus tent to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

His friends wanted Moody to attack the "Parliament of Religions," but he refused.

Moody knew that Jesus Christ was the preeminent Savior, not just one of many "religious leaders" of history. He knew the power of the Gospel. He knew the preeminence of Christ.

The "Chicago Campaign" of 1893 was probably the greatest evangelistic endeavor in D.L. Moody's life, and thousands, thousands came to Christ.

(From a sermon by J. Jeffrey Smead, It's All About Jesus, 11/17/2010)

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