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Years ago I read the story of a man by the name of Wally who owned a farm in Connecticut. He had a remarkable talent he had with birds, chickadees specifically. It seems that every morning these little birds would flutter down and land on his hands. And it wasn’t just for food; he’d talk to them and they seemed to enjoy his companionship.

One woman who visited was so enthralled by what she asked for permission to try and get the birds to do that for her. She practiced for weeks, but never got one bird to land on her hand. Then one day, she tried something different. She put Wally’s fedora on her head and wrapped herself in his mackinaw. Seconds later, she was covered with birds.

They came to her, because they trusted Wally so much that they even trusted his scent on his clothes.

Do you have the "scent of Jesus" on you?

(Readers Digest, December 1973. From a sermon by Jeff Strite, Trusting in Ravens, 8/8/2011)

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