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When I was a 4th grader, I went on a spiritual retreat. We had worship one night and the counselor sent us to go find a private spot where we could pray individually. I went by a large tree away from everyone else.

As I began to pray and pour my heart out to God, I heard a rustling in the leaves. I opened my eyes and saw a wild rabbit. Now if you know anything about wild rabbits, they’re skittish. You can’t get near them, let alone touch them. But this rabbit came up to me and sat between my legs and let me pet him. It was in that moment I knew God has sent this animal as a sign of his presence and love for me.

God didn’t send an angel, didn’t give me a great vision but rather spoke to me in a manner that I as a 11 year old could understand. God wanted me to know that He was there, that he loved me and had a purpose for my life. I walked back to the campfire and shared with it with the counselor who rejoiced.

As wonderful as that experience was you can’t live on those experiences. That’s not enough to carry you through the difficult times, the challenges and the ups and downs of serving God.

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