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Last week, I watched "War Horse." It's a Steven Spielberg film about a young English boy and his horse.

The family is about to lose their farm because dad bought a horse for his son. The father bears a war injury and cannot tend the farm. He spends his last money buying this horse that was a racing horse and not a work horse.

The land owner is about to evict the family. Their only hope is if the teenager can plow a rock-filled field with his new thoroughbred so that the family can plant their crops.

The entire town gathers along the field to watch the event. They watch with pity and laughter as the boy attempts the impossible. "A team of trained horses couldn't plow that field," they say. But everyone wants the boy and his horse to pull through.

Rain falls, and the crowd disappears, sure that this is the end for the boy and his family. But as the rain falls, the boy and his horse continue, undaunted. With more rain, the ground softens enough for the boy and his horse to finish the job and save the family farm.

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