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Keith Hartsell of Wheaton, Illinois, was driving around with a friend of his in California, when he noticed that his friend's cell phone was locked with an unusual password -- pro nobis. Keith asked him what pro nobis meant and why he chose that for a password. Keith's friend told him it was Latin and it meant "For Us," and then he suddenly started choking up. Keith thought, "Why would those two Latin words cause so much emotion?"

Then his friend composed himself and explained that after walking through deep personal pain, true healing came when he learned that God is "for us" -- or the Latin phrase pro nobis. Keith's friend said that after his parents' divorce, he entered a season when he assumed that God didn't care or that God had given up on him. But he finally found hope through those two simple words -- pro nobis (for us). You see, when he decided to believe that God was pro nobis, that God had even sent Christ to die for him, he could then decide to lay down his life for others.

(Keith Hartsell, from a sermon by C. Philip Green, Dungeons and Dreams, 9/8/2011)

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