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One of the serious problems of human nature is our natural tendency to be distrusting and suspicious. Barbara Misztal, in her book, Trust in Modern Societies: The Search for the Bases of Social Order, mentions three things that trust does in the life of a person. It makes social life predictable, because you tend to hang around people you trust; it creates a sense of community, because you the more you trust the more you share with those you trust, and trust makes it easier for people to work together, because you eliminate the possibility of backstabbing.

Even though Misztal’s book is a work of a secular nature she brings up three very spiritual truths. We need to trust in God. Because the more we trust Him, the more we’ll hang out with Him. The more we trust God the more we’ll share in His work, and the more we trust God, the easier it will be to work with Him AND His Church to accomplish the Kingdom purpose He expects of us. It’s logical then, to suggest that the less we trust God the less we spend time with Him, the less we share with Him, and the less we do with His Church.

(From a sermon by Daren Mitchell, Our Personal War, 5/22/2012)

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