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Hymn Story : "Holy God, Sinful Man"

A story of God’s Ring of Love (eternal and everlasting)for humanity.

"Holy God, Sinful Man"


Had it not been for Jesus to die on that cross.

All mankind would surely be lost.

Verse 1:

There would be no forgiveness no mercy no grace.

We’d never get to Heaven nor see God’s face.

Separated from God and his eternal love.

No Holy Spirit protecting from above.

Verse 2:

The chasm was deep the divide too long.

No way to God sin was too strong.

God had a plan to redeem us from sin.

Only one way to save all men.

Verse 3:

Ten thousand angels standing by.

He refused to call them he had to die.

His mission was finished God’s will had been done.

Salvation for all who believe in His Son.

Verse 4:

Jesus paid the price for all of our sins.

The veil was ripped and love came in.

His Father raised Him from the dead.

Lifting the crown thorns from His head.

Verse 5:

For forty more days He stayed on earth.

Teaching His disciples about the New Birth.

Thank you Jesus for what You have done.


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