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In her recently published book “Dance with the Devil” Barbara Bentley shares her experience with former husband, John Perry, a mysterious man, whose father was supposedly portrayed by John Wayne in a World War II movie. She fell in love with him when He dazzled her and her friends with his heroic stories of World War II, flying with the Blue Angels and fighting in Vietnam. He had several medals and proudly displayed them in their living room and would show off his naval uniform at dinner engagements, he had been in pictures with high ranking officials, and even had the then president George H.W. Bush salute him during his inauguration. Impressive!

But in reality He was never in the armed forces. And although His father was a real admiral in the Navy, He was never mentioned in his own father’s obituary. Barbara later found out He was the black sheep of the family and that the FBI was looking for him for impersonating an officer. After several suspicious close calls, things reached the breaking point when He had actually tried to kill her with an ether soaked rag. He later was arrested. She has since remarried but its amazing how close she came to death. John Perry was NOT an honorable military veteran; He was an imposter looking for a way to murder his wife to get money.

It’s amazing how John Perry portrayed himself as the son of an Admiral for so many years when his own father disowned him. How many people enjoy the privileges of the church, and their standing in it and pretend to be the children of God? How easily they can lie to men, but how futile it is to lie to God. On the last day He will say “I never knew you, depart from me, you worker of iniquity.” Men may be easily fooled but how dangerous is the penalty for impersonating a Christian?!

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