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Students Don’t See Western Culture as Superior

Eighty-four percent of college students today do not believe that Western culture is superior to Arab culture according to a newly released poll funded by Americans for Victory Over Terrorism (a project by and former Secretary of Education William Bennett. The story was reported by George Livadas on the Accuracy in Academia website.

According to the poll, 70 percent of American college students would not serve in the armed forces if sent abroad, while 48 percent openly declared that they would evade a draft. Ironically, 79 percent of college students believe that the U.S. "has the right to overthrow" Hussein. Rather than holding terrorists solely responsible for their actions on September 11, college students partially blamed the U.S. government for the attacks, as 57 percent of college students stated that United States policies are "at least somewhat responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks".

Livadas observes, "Despite the War on Terror and the events of September 11, college students remain adamant in refusing to judge anyone or anything foreign based upon their actions. The once educational and beneficial idea of multiculturalism has been taken to such extreme levels that college students, who formerly studied different cultures to gain a better perspective of their own values and culture, now embrace and praise all societies but their own."

"The disturbing results of the poll show us that not only are...

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