Summary: Sermon challenges us to wait on God. It begins with 3 issues on the Ohio Ballot in the 2015 election. It continues with how our not waiting on God can cause us to miss out on the blessings God truly wants to give to us.


Daring Faith: The Key To Miracles

Part 4 October 4, 2015

Pastor Rick 1 Samuel 13:5-13 Matthew 14:25-33

How many of you have ever gotten into trouble simply because you didn’t wait. If you had waited just a little bit longer you would not have gone to that place, you would have avoided that person, you would have kept your integrity, you would still be a virgin, you would not have made that promise, or you would not have signed that contract. Waiting can be a good thing.

We have three issues on the ballot this election, and they are all there because someone didn’t want to wait. Issue one is one about waiting to be fair. Have you ever wondered why there is about and equal number of democrats and republicans in Ohio but with 16 Delegates to Congress, 12 are Republican and 4 are Democrats? It is because of how people draw the districts. In Ohio the party in power draws the boundaries. Notice how the boundaries are drawn.

Issue one would require a bipartisan group to draw the boundaries every 10 years and would forbid drawing boundaries just to favor one political group. The last time the Democrats had power under Gov. Strickland, they could not wait to have the lines redrawn to favor them, so they rejected a bipartisan group being formed back then. Unfortunately for them, they did not see the Republicans being swept back in power in the state, and they got to redraw the districts favoring them. This picture is the result We need to vote yes to Issue 1 to bring fairness and equal representation to our state government.

Issue 2 is about not waiting to give everybody a fair chance in making money. Issue 2 is about not using the State Constitution to give businesses a monopoly to run their businesses and to keep all other competition out. We saw this with the casinos. Only the private companies approved in the state constitution can operate casinos. With all the money they were making, the casinos were sending law enforcement agencies into the small stores that had casino type games in them threatening the owners with arrest and confiscating their machines. Businesses should not be given monopolies in which they get to set their own prices. We recently saw where one drug company went from selling the pill Daraprim from $13.50 a tablet to $750 overnight. We’re talking about a life-saving people to fight off a deadly infection. That’s what happens with monopolies. If they are the only ones to make something, they can charge whatever they want We need to vote yes to Issue 2 and level the playing field for everyone who wants to engage in a business to be able to do so.

Issue 3 is about not waiting for the best way to change the drug laws. Issue 3 is the marijuana proposal to legalize the use of marijuana. The group behind it wants it written in the Constitution that they will be the only group legalized to grow the marijuana for sell. If they can’t keep up with the demand, then other businesses may get a piece of the action. It can only be grown in 10 sites and not a single one is in Cuyahoga County. Ordinary citizens can grow small amounts for their own personal use but they can’t sell it. They do need a $50 permit to grow it out of sight. In Colorado, pot sells for $200 an ounce. You mean to tell me I can grow something that’s worth that much money, but I won’t be tempted to sell it.

You are going to hear a lot of information on jobs being created, taxes being paid, and criminal records being removed. We all know our communities will be heavily targeted for sale and consumption. If we know how to grow the stuff, shouldn’t we be able to grow it, distribute it, and sell it to ourselves. How many of the new growing plants will provide jobs in our communities- None of them. Loraine and Summit County are the closest sites. In Colorado, an ounce sells for $200. Don’t you think our young people are going to still be on the corners selling drugs. The truth is, some of our seniors will be tempted to grow the stuff and sell it.

Only this time they will have the police and the Ohio Marijuana Cartel seeking to put them out of business. It will still be a felony to possess more than 8 ounces of the drug. Our youth will still be going to jail in record numbers but probably for the harder drugs like cocaine and heroin. Since all these tax dollars are going to come in, is any of it going to be directed to providing jobs for inner city youth, to keep them out of the now legal but still illegal drug scene. Our society is so into the rights of the individuals at the expense of everybody else, that we can’t see how we are being exploited by bad laws.

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