Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon deals with the challenge of men seeing their family as God's tool to make men holy rather than happy.

How Does A Man Show Love For His Family

God has placed within every man the potential for greatness when it comes to being a leader in his family. One can be a great husband or a great father regardless of the amount of money he has in the bank, regardless of the color of his skin, regardless of the neighborhood in which he lives, regardless of his age, and regardless of the type of job that he may have.

Our society would have us believe that the way to greatness is through the accumulation of wealth, of status, and of power. It would have us believe that if we get these things on the outside, somehow they will permeate into greatness back at home.

So we give an inordinate amount of time to work and careers, in order to give our families the good things of life. If we give them the right house, the right car, the right education, the right allowance, the right vacation, and the right jewelry then we will end up with the right life. The people we live with are not as impressed with our outside accomplishments and titles as the world is. Our wives and kids don’t care if we are the CEO, the vice president, or the star athlete. They are more concerned with what kind of husband or father we are.

What our families need is the right man. You can be that man. The right man is a man brave enough to allow Jesus Christ to set the priorities in his life. You see the call of Christ on our lives, is not necessarily the fulfillment of the American Dream. As a matter of fact, it may be in turning away from the self centered culture in which we find ourselves, to listen for the voice of Jesus. The word of God says, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

Now marriage is a real good thing. Is there anybody here besides be that got married for selfish reasons. I didn’t announce I was looking for a woman to serve. We were looking for somebody who we thought was going to make our lives better than what they were. We were thinking of our sexual fulfillment and how from now on there would be an endless supply of sex in the marriage. Nobody had bothered to tell us that the women we were marrying also came in for some selfish reasons. They were looking for an endless supply of emotional intimacy and support. They were seeking a husband who would understand their needs without even having to ask.

Instead of the perfect soul mate coming together for a perfect marriage we found a different scenario. What was reality? We have two sinners coming together with a list of faults, some deliberately hidden and some unknown and yet to be revealed, and somehow they expected happiness to flow freely out the relationship.

How many of you have ever had the perfect evening out planned, only to see it ruined by a misunderstood comment?. Our happy moment and money down the tubes. We like to think that the purpose of marriage and having kids, is to be happy. What if God’s purpose for marriage and kids is not so much happiness as it is holiness.

What if God gave you the wife and the children that you have in order to help you become holy? What if God says, your family is my tool to make you more like my son, Jesus? What if we have been called to love them in order for God to change us?

I have a terrible problem with time. I believe you should be on time. My wife is always late. She makes us late. I see time as a taskmaster. She puts meeting the needs of people ahead of being on time. But what if God gave me my wife, to turn my attitude on time attitude into one of holiness. What if When I think in those terms, I recognize my time schedule is not to be bully stick against my wife when she’s late.

What if sex in marriage is to make me holy and not just happy? It makes me realize that sex isn’t all just about me. What if my child’s attitude problem is to make me holy. Did God set this whole thing up for me to love my wife and my children in order to make me holy. If God did, then I need to recognize that grace should be more a part of my life.

We love our wives and children by being selfless. Every man can be a great father or a great husband because being selfless is a choice. God wants to build in each of us, the traits that make us wives and our children feel loved. It is going to take actual time to do it. No coach can build a great team without spending actual time with the team. The team needs to know the coach believes in them. The team needs to know the coach is in this thing with them. Does your family know that you believe in them? Does your wife feel it? Would your son say he’s on your team?

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