Summary: This sermon deals with the reality that if we believe God is, then there is certainly going to be a change in the way we live our lives.

If God Is Now What

5/23/04 NLF Exodus 3:1-22 1 Cor. 10:1-3

Let’s suppose for a moment that your car insurance payment and your house insurance payment both came due at the same time. You had misplaced the bills, and had received your final notice that your insurance would be cancelled if payment was not postmarked by Friday. You quickly write your check and hurry off to the post office, you rush in and drop the letters in the box on Thursday.

On Saturday, you’re driving along and get a call on your cell phone. It’s your neighbor telling you that there are fire engines in front of your house and flames are coming out the roof. In your panic, you don’t see the stop sign and you crash into a car that has the right of way. Nobody is seriously injured but you have totaled both cars.

By the time you get to your house, it’s in total ruins. The only thing that’s left standing that’s usable is the mailbox. You’re thinking, well at least I’ve got insurance. You look inside the mailbox, and you see the envelopes containing your car insurance and house insurance payment sitting in the mailbox, returned because you forgot to put stamps on the envelopes. You know that as of yesterday, your insurance had expired.

As you stand there crying, a black lexus limousine pulls to the curb. The window in the passenger side goes down. A guy asks you to come over for a second. He asks what happened. You tell him about the car accident, the house burning down, and the insurance being cancelled. You show him the payments returned because of a lack of stamp. The stranger pulls out a card and says here, come down here on Monday morning and let me take care of this for you. Before you can say anything, he pulls off.

On the business card it says, Bill Gates. CEO of Microsoft. Now for those of you who do not know Bill Gates or Microsoft, he is one of the richest people in the world thanks to the computer. Now if that person in the car was really who is the same person as on the card, how many of you know that you do not have anything to worry about as far as the house and the cars are concerned?

How many of you also know, you have the power to wipe out the kindness and favor of Mr. Gates, just by simply ignoring the card or choosing to believe, Mr. Gates would never do something like that for you? How many of you know that your unbelief will not do anything to remove the billions of dollars in Mr. Gates account.

If you believe that was Bill Gates in the limousine, you are going to read the information on that card and follow it to the letter. You’re not going to say, “well it says here 5356 Addington Drive, but I don’t feel like going that far up the street, so I’ll try 200 Addington Drive, because it’s much closer and I feel more comfortable in the that neighborhood.” You are going to get up on Monday and cancel whatever you were planning to do, so that you can and make it to 5356 Addignton Drive.

Even though we do not know it, our lives from a spiritual point of view or on the brink of disaster without a real relationship to God through Jesus Christ. We are in a far worse predicament than simply losing a car and a home. We are going to live forever. According to Jesus, we will either live forever with Him after we die, or we will spend all of eternity in a lake of fire in torment. Our only hope of eternal life is to receive Jesus, just as you received that card from Mr. Gates, and believe the message Christ has to give.

If we truly believe God is, then there ought to be some kind of change in our lives as a result. If you are speeding and you believe a policeman is around the next bend, what are you going to do? If your boss tells you, that if you miss one more day this month you’re fired, but you wake up the next day with a bad headache, what are you going to do? If you believed I was going to give a $100 to everybody who would meet me after church up in the balcony, what are you going to do. If we believe, we gave our lives over to Jesus Christ, then what are we going to do? Too often we quickly try to take back control from Jesus.

Have you ever met a Black person whose skin was light enough and hair was straight enough to pass for being white, but you knew the person was black because you knew the person’s family. Now let’s go back to the 1930’s, in which you have a black person passing for white in the state of Mississippi . He goes to the white segregated school. He drinks from the white only fountain. He lives in the white neighborhood. He’s got all the benefits from the white society.

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