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  • Comparing Styles Of Worship

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Oct 18, 2000
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    Jesus said, "True worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24) 14 different styles of worship service for various audiences

    Jesus said, "True worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24) * Seeker-Sensitive Worship Services  Those who follow the Willow Creek Community Church model who seek to present and explain the gospel in non-religious terms using contextually relevant methods to non-christians. ...read more

  • One Audience Series

    Contributed by Paul Decker on Jan 22, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    We live out oneness by keeping our focus on God (an apologetic for our blended style of worship).

    ONE AUDIENCE: LIVING THE UNITY WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN John 4.24 S: Unity C: Worship Th: Living the Unity We Have Been Given Pr: WE LIVE OUT ONENESS BY KEEPING OUR FOCUS ON GOD. ?: How? How do we focus on God? KW: Elements TS: Based on our understanding of John 4.24, we will review three ...read more

  • Take 6 Steps And Praise God

    Contributed by Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Dec 5, 2015
    based on 1 rating

    As David was returning the ARK OF THE LORD, he learned a few lessons, DAVID LEARNED PRAISE AND WORSHIP... Are we like Martha or Mary?

    TAKE SIX STEPS! WHY PRAISE? By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. Kyfingers@aol.com I HAVE SOME GLASS MARBLES, SOME GRAPES, AND SOME GRAPE JUICE... TO ILLUSTRATE THIS LESSON... This lesson is kind of like the DIFFERENCE IN MARBLES and GRAPES... MARBLES are single units doing their own thing. ...read more

  • Why Do We Worship?

    Contributed by Joe Bedy on Jul 10, 2002
    based on 105 ratings

    There may be different styles of music, but according to God there is only one style of worship.Taken from an essay written for Kentucky Christian College on Isa.5-7:25.

    Worship Sermon July 21 2002 Central Christian Church St. Petersburg, Fl 33711 Isaiah 6: 1-9, John 4:1-21, Genesis 22:5, Rm. 12:1-2, Rev 19:5-6 1. The Sermon topic today is worship. The questions for us to answer today are: what is worship? What does it look like in the Christian’s life? ...read more

  • What Is The Purpose Of Worship

    Contributed by Rick Gillespie- Mobley on Apr 30, 2012
    based on 4 ratings

    This message deals with how Worship should point us to God, transform our lives, and cause us to appreciate different styles of worship in others.The audio version is available at www.sermon.net

    What Is The Purpose Of Worship Leviticus 10:1-5 Acts 16:16-34 Psalm 100 We are in the second in our sermon series. “What’s Worship Got To Do With It?” Last week Lay Pastor Sandra McLean led us off with a great message, “What Is Worship.” Next week, ...read more

  • Worship Wars

    Contributed by Matthew Stoll on Nov 7, 2006
    based on 4 ratings

    Sermon to handle the increasing division over style of music in worship (contemporary vs. traditional). We sing for God’s benefit and not our own. Yet God continues to inspire us with a new song and styles of worship.

    In the last month or so I have heard some interesting comments. I’ve heard, “we don’t sing enough of the old hymns,” or “I don’t like the new music,” and I have also heard “we are singing too many hymns,” or “we sing songs too slow.” Interesting isn’t it? Whenever people are involved there are ...read more

  • Worship For God's Pleasure Series

    Contributed by Richard Mc Quinn on Aug 24, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    Our styles of worship are different in music, preaching, offerings, even annoncements. Do we come together to play church or do we come to really Worship the King of Kings. Dont let worship divide you from what God wants of you. Worship Him in truth

    WORSHIP FOR GOD’S PLEASURE New Liberty Christian Church, Veedersburg , IN , 6-6-10, Rich McQuinn, Pastor TEXT: I Thess 5:15-20, Revelation 4:11, Psalm 149:1 I Thessalonians 5:15----Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind ...read more

  • Praise The Lord! What? How? When?

    Contributed by Jonathan Kruschel on Dec 30, 2019

    What does praise look like? We attach the word "praise" to types of music, styles of worship, and certain actions. But what does the Bible actually say about praise and how God's people praise him?

    When you think of “praise,” what comes to mind? You might think of something that takes place in a church or in a worship service. Maybe you might think of certain actions. Maybe you’ve heard the joke about the woman who in the middle of the sermon stood up, lifted up her hands and said, “Praise ...read more

  • The Churches Priority: Worship Series

    Contributed by Ralph Juthman on Oct 4, 2002
    based on 80 ratings

    This is the third in a series entitled :What Makes A Great Church

    TITLE: The Churches Priority: Worship Text: Acts 2:42; John 4 Theme: Worship P.S. As we seek to fulfill this purpose then our priorates will become clearer and less self serving. Introduction: Illustration: In any construction project there is usually a question of priorities, which ...read more

  • A "Model" For Worship

    Contributed by Joel Santos on Oct 3, 2004
    based on 44 ratings

    A short Psalm, it somehow captures all the elements about worship and puts the worship of God in a different perspective than the usual.

    Nowhere in scripture will you find a better “model” for worship than Psalm 113. A short Psalm, it somehow captures all the elements about worship and puts the worship of God in a different perspective than the usual. A. It Tells us the WHO of Praise (V.1a) It starts out by saying “Praise the ...read more

  • I Have A Dream

    Contributed by Bob Soulliere on Jan 7, 2006
    based on 6 ratings

    Building the kingdom of God

    Luke 14:28-30 I have a dream (vision) “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? For if he lays the foundation and is not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule him, saying, ‘This ...read more

  • Blessings Of Following Christ #1 - We Get To Worship (Pt. 2) Series

    Contributed by Brian La Croix on Feb 20, 2008
    based on 2 ratings

    Second in this series. This message is part two of the "first" benefit - we get to worship.

    Blessings of Following Christ #1 – We Get to Worship (Part 2) Various Scriptures October 21, 2007 NOTE: THE ME/WE/GOD/YOU/WE FORMAT USED IN MY MESSAGES IS BORROWED FROM ANDY STANLEY’S BOOK, "COMMUNICATING FOR A CHANGE." We: Just a quick warning – you won’t be beating the Baptists to Steak ...read more

  • Division

    Contributed by Lou Nicholes on Jan 18, 2005
    based on 14 ratings

    Dissension in the Corinthian church was the first problem addressed by Paul. He introduces the thoughts of this passage with an appeal for unity.

    THOUGHTS ABOUT THE PASSAGE: Being much concerned about the rise of denominations in the church, John Wesley tells of a dream he had. In the dream, he was ushered to the gates of Hell. There he asked, “Are there any Presbyterians here?” “Yes!”, came the answer. Then he asked, “Are there any ...read more

  • Divine Healing

    Contributed by Ajai Prakash on Oct 25, 2012
    based on 3 ratings

    Many of you have been struggling with emotional, hurting and physical issues. You desire healing and are thinking as to how it will happen and are skeptical if it would really takes place. The one Who you should be pursuing is God alone for it is for His

    Opening illustration: Tuesday night encounter with a runaway 11 year girl, the police in our neighborhood had been searching for her. Karen is able to locate the girl and cares for the soul. What I got from that incident was that this young girl, her mom and the family needed some serious emotional ...read more

  • What Does Jesus Expect In Worship

    Contributed by Terry Cavanaugh on Mar 20, 2002
    based on 33 ratings

    A look at what Jesus would expect in worship today.

    What does Jesus expect in Worship? January 6, 2002 This morning I would like to ask you what I feel is a very important question. As we begin the new year, I would like to ask you frankly, why are you here? Why did you get up this morning to come to this building? As we begin this New Year ...read more