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  • First Love Series

    Contributed by Alison Bucklin on Jun 20, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    No matter how many and good the works you do for the church, if Jesus is not at the center of them you are missing the target.

    Have you ever been in love? Remember back to those first dizzy days. Nothing else really mattered, did it, beyond when you would see your sweetheart next. Spending time with him or her was the most important thing in your life. Did you rush through chores to be ready earlier, or linger in front more

  • First Love Series

    Contributed by Jerry Watts on Sep 19, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    To have revival in our lives means we must have a ’our first love’ in perspective. Credit where it is due; Many years ago I heard a message by Ron Phillips which inspired this message.

    First Love Revelation 2:1-7 * It’s an old story, I’ve told it before, you’ve heard it before, but here it is again; Couple was married for 50 years! Problem was, all they did was fuss. About everything!! For their 50th anniversary their kids chipped in to give them their most needed gift; a more

  • First Love Series

    Contributed by Michael Mccartney on Mar 7, 2011
    based on 4 ratings

    God is the one who invented the term “First Love” it means that He loved us first before we ever loved Him in return.

    Series: Restoration Sermon: First Love Thesis: God is the one who invented the term “First Love” it means that He loved us first before we ever loved Him in return. Introduction: Love is going to be our topic today. But that 4 letter word love needs to be redefined today to make sure we more

  • First Love Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Feb 1, 2009
    based on 56 ratings

    Marriage can make us healthy, and marriage can make us wealthy... but it can only make us wise if we do it God’s way. Find out how.

    OPEN: At the banquet of Tom and Susan’s 25th wedding anniversary, Tom was asked to give his friends a brief account of the benefits of a marriage of such long duration. "Tell us, Tom, just what is it you have learned from all those wonderful years with your wife?" Tom responded, "Well, I’ve more

  • First Love Series

    Contributed by David Flowers on Feb 6, 2010
    based on 4 ratings

    In this message, part 4 in series Love Without Limits, Dave looks at how God's love changes us, suggesting that what we need in the church is not to try harder, but to simply receive God's love.

    First Love Love Without Limits, prt. 4 Wildwind Community Church David Flowers January 24, 2010 Sing with me if you know this: Oh how I love Jesus Oh how I love Jesus Oh how I love Jesus Because he first loved me 1 John 4:9-12 (NIV) 9 This is how God showed his love among us: more

  • First Love

    Contributed by Dewayne Bolton on Jun 21, 2012
    based on 1 rating

    Often people become so involved in good and ligitimate things that they allow themselve to be pulled away for what is really their first love. It is intended to help us be careful lest we like the Ephesian church leave our first love thus loose it.

  • "First Love"

    Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Jan 9, 2013
    based on 2 ratings

    A sermon about returning to God after a time of drifting.

    Revelation 2:1-7 “First Love” In the late 1940s, there was an emerging evangelist who was preaching the Gospel to large crowds in major arenas, and many folks were coming to Christ at his crusades. But he abandoned his faith, resigned from the ministry and became a writer and more

  • First Love

    Contributed by Don Jones on Nov 6, 2007
    based on 95 ratings

    The message deals with 1. First Love, 2. Forgotten Love, 3. Remembered Love, 4. Rejuvenated Love.

    First Love Matthew 22:37; Romans 12:11; Rev. 2:4 1. First Love Do you remember your first love? For some of you this morning like myself, it has been a number of years but I still think you can remember their name. You might remember the first kiss. Do you remember what it was more

  • First Love

    Contributed by Dewayne Bolton on Sep 7, 2012

    To encourage believers to keep their first love alive and viberant

  • Losing Our First Love

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Mar 23, 2015

    We need to remember our first love as a church

    I. What distracts us from the gospel We live in a world today where the body of Christ is caught up in to many things of this world. And this includes far too many preachers. Men we are called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be a witness of Him and lead our people to do the same. Satan more

  • Losing Your First Love

    Contributed by Richard White on Jan 3, 2002
    based on 34 ratings

    Ephesus lost their first love, Jesus gives us guidelines to retore our first love

    Losing your First Love Rev. 2:1-7 Paul Simon a famous Pop singer one time recorded a song called "50 ways to leave your lover." In it he has answers of how to get out of a relationship. But before some one can leave a loved one, they have to first stop loving them. This is more

  • Ephesus: A First Love Lost

    Contributed by Roddy Chestnut on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 44 ratings

    Thesis: A healthy church is one that never leaves its first love. Intro.: 1. What one first century church do we know more about than any other in NT? 2. Ephesus! a. Acts 19-20--establishment of church by Paul. b. Ephesians--letter written to correct some developing problems. c. 1 more

  • They Lost Their First Love

    Contributed by Melvin Newland on Jan 24, 2001
    based on 180 ratings

    This is a passage of scripture that really bothers me, & yet it has a tremendous message. It is part of one of the 7 letters to the churches in the Book of Revelation. (Powerpoints available - #210)

    MELVIN M. NEWLAND, MINISTER RIDGE CHAPEL, KANSAS, OK (Powerpoints used with this message are available at no cost. Just email me at and request #210.) I'm going to read a passage of scripture that bothers me, & yet it has a tremendous message. It is more

  • Losing Your First Love

    Contributed by Melvin Newland on Jan 31, 2001
    based on 698 ratings

    Jesus said, "This I have against you. You have forsaken your first love."

    MELVIN M. NEWLAND, MINISTER CENTRAL CHRISTIAN, BROWNSVILLE, TX ILL. Edmund Burke said that very seldom does a man take one giant step from a life of virtue & goodness into a life of vice & corruption. Usually, he begins his journey into evil by taking little steps into the more

  • Return To Your First Love

    Contributed by Scott Hippler on Feb 12, 2001
    based on 47 ratings

    Has your relationship with Christ grown cold and distant?

    Return To Your Fist Love God wants to send real revival! More than just a banner stretched outside a church building, more than just a few conversions, more than just a temporary rush of emotions and more than a gathering like we have here this morning. God wants and God desires to send more