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  • Under Construction Series

    Contributed by Perry Greene on Apr 19, 2017

    We are all on a spiritual journey in which God is building us up. How do we respond to his work in our lives?

    1. We are on a spiritual journey with God a. Each is at a different place: • Some are all in and have a strong relationship with Jesus • Some are just beginning the journey • Some are unsure and considering to start the journey • Some never intend to start the journey with Jesus b. God is more

  • Where Is Your Hope? Series

    Contributed by James Galbraith on Sep 10, 2007
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    The first in my latest sermon series on Colossians. We look at how the gospel provides hope for all who believe.

    Where is your hope? – Colossians 1:1-8 By James Galbraith First Baptist Church, Port Alberni September 9, 2007 Text Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother, To the holy and faithful brothers in Christ at Colossae: Grace and peace to you from God our more

  • Jesus Is In The House!

    Contributed by Ernie Arnold on Jan 5, 2018
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    When we invite Jesus to be in our midst some amazing things will happen! Things like receiving new insights and knowledge. Things like knowing that Jesus is the True Son of God, the Holy One Things like People experiencing True Freedom

    Scripture: Mark 1:21-28 Title: Jesus Is In The House! Anytime we invite Jesus to be in our midst some amazing things will happen! I. Things like receiving new insights and knowledge. II. Things like knowing that Jesus is the True Son of God, the Holy One III. Things like more

  • The Gospel The Angels Preached

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Mar 23, 2015

    The Gospel the Angels Preached

    I. The Angels Gospel Calms Fears v. 10 - We fear that which is hidden and unknown - For every one that doeth ill hateth the light, and cometh not to the light, lest his works should be reproved. But he that doeth the truth cometh to the light, that his works may be made manifest, that they have more

  • The Gospel According To You

    Contributed by Danny Moss on Feb 1, 2002
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    This sermon stresses the importance of preaching the true Gospel of Christ, and also living it.

    THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO YOU Text: 2nd Corinthians 3:2 Introduction- This message is really for preachers. It can apply to all believers, but specifically, I have ministers of the Gospel in mind in the things that I will say today. It is a great and more

  • Is It Truly Your Will?

    Contributed by Jarrod Bottley on Jan 5, 2008
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    This sermon is about our will versus God’s will for us. This sermon goes in depth about today’s society and their will.

    Is It Truly Your Will? The type of will we’re talking about here is one of individual desire. A will can range from good to bad or from worldly to Godly. We must realize though that our will also carry an outcome at the end. I don’t care how big or small the will seems it will have an effect more

  • The Quality And Attitude Of Giving Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Jan 24, 2015

    Our gift to God must be totally disinterested, and focused on evangelization.

    Thursday of the 3rd Week in Course 2014 Joy of the Gospel We receive in the same measure with which we give. That is the way in which our light shines before humankind. That is the way we attract others to the Gospel of Christ, the Gospel of hope, the Gospel of Life. Jesus Christ, in the more

  • The Davinci Code Trap

    Contributed by Ron Macarthur on May 24, 2006
    based on 15 ratings

    A look at the enemies purpose for the DaVinci code book and film.

    The DaVinci Code Trap The year was 1988 and the film The Last Temptation of Christ had been released. The Christian world was in a fury over this Christ bashing movie. Immediately books were written, films produced and preachers fired up their sermons to preach against this thing the church more

  • Come And Fellowship With Jesus Series

    Contributed by T.j. Conwell on Oct 20, 2016
    based on 3 ratings

    The first part of John 21 shows us a beautiful picture of His invitation to you and me. Jesus invites the disciples to join Him in fellowship, with no strings attached. Will we accept the same invitation?

    Come and fellowship with Jesus John 21:1-14 Last time we saw the reaction of the disciples to Jesus’s resurrection Their faith gives us great hope to apply to ourselves and work towards as well It is in faith that we find strength – and the ability to overcome today’s more

  • Completing Christ

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Oct 10, 2009
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    Our lives find meaning and completeness if we first recognize what God has already done in us, if we see that God never stops working in any life, and if we devote ourselves to His purposes.

    If I were to take you to my home this afternoon, I could show you a parable of the human condition. My house would tell you a whole lot about our family, of course, but it also would tell you about the whole human problem. You see, our house is unfinished. It is incomplete. Oh, it was built in more

  • A Loving And Giving God

    Contributed by Rick Adams on Dec 15, 2001
    based on 50 ratings

    Two character traits of God that should be prevalent in our lives.

    NOTE: My manuscripts are basically my thoughts on paper. Typically, I use them as a guide, not verbatim. Very rarely do I preach my message exactly the way I wrote it. If you would like to hear the message preached, please visit Abundant Life Fellowship’s multimedia page at more

  • God's Plan For De-Segregation

    Contributed by Rick Pendleton on Dec 31, 2014

    The bible starts out with ACT 1 - Segregation Then it moves to ACT 2 - Desegregation Then it ends with ACT 3 - Reconciliation

    God’s Plan for De-Segregation Eph. 2:11-22 Today's sermon is about the dominant theme of the bible… You guess—Salvation??? DE-SEGREGATION Most of you here know what de-segregation was… When schools were integrated with white and black You remember it was more

  • Romans, Part 15 Series

    Contributed by T.j. Conwell on Feb 14, 2011

    Very rarely will one sinner be willing to die another; but even with all of our imperfections and rebellion against God, Jesus Christ willingly gave His life for everyone.

    Romans, Part 15 Romans 5:5-8 Introduction - Access to God is something that mankind has not had since the Garden - In Romans 1:18-32 we saw God’s wrath and what He is capable of bringing - But through the sacrifice of Jesus we now have access to God’s love and mercy - Ephesians 2:18, more

  • The Mission Minded Church Series

    Contributed by A. David Hart on Jul 16, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    To show the importance of the church getting active in missions. Particularly within the body of Chirst.

    THE MISSION MINDED CHURCH Acts 11:27-30 My brothers and my sisters, this text is showing us the importance of being mission minded. If there is anything, we can take away from this text, it would be that we the church should not only be willing, but determined more

  • When A Leader Of The Church Creates A Scandal Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Aug 25, 2018

    The Holy Ghost has the power to sweep up the shards and make from this mess a magnificent mosaic of Christ.

    Fourteenth Sunday in Course: Extraordinary Lectionary The Church is in a “time that tries men's souls,” and it is not God who has put us in this trial by fire. A good friend of mine is a convert to the Catholic faith, and recently told me that if she were in the decision phase of that conversion more