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  • Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner

    Contributed by Melvin Newland on Jan 10, 2001
    based on 114 ratings

    I want us to see Jesus - His attitude toward sin, and His attitude toward sinners. And in order to do that, let's look at 3 people and their encounters with Jesus. (Powerpoints available - #218)

    MELVIN NEWLAND, MINISTER RIDGE CHAPEL, KANSAS, OK (Revised: 2022) (Powerpoints used with this message are available at no charge. Just email me at and request #218.) TEXT: Matthew 9:10-13; John 4:1-42; Luke more

  • Who Membership Is For.

    Contributed by Patrick O'loughlin on Jul 30, 2002
    based on 34 ratings

    How can you encourage your membership to commitment?

    Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman beautifully illustrates who membership in for. 1. Membership is for anyone who is not perfect.(v16-18) "Jesus said to her’you are right when you say you have no husband. The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not more

  • The Worthwhile Life

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Aug 8, 2002
    based on 66 ratings

    Too many Christians live mediocre lives. But they don’t have to. We have within us the ability to make a difference in our everyday lives.

    OPEN: "We rarely use the word ’cure,’" said the psychiatrist to his patient. "But after 5 years of therapy it is my pleasure to pronounce you completely cured." To his surprise an unhappy look came over the woman’s face. "What’s wrong?" he asked. "I thought you’d be thrilled." "Oh, it’s fine more

  • The Life Of The Lost

    Contributed by Dennis Deese on Aug 9, 2002
    based on 14 ratings

    Do we really consider the life of the lost?

    “THE LIFE OF THE LOST” By: Dr. Dennis Deese JOHN 4:1-30 There are two perspectives of life I believe Christians are prone to ignore or are simply too detached from. The troubling life of the lost and the blessings and spiritual resources that are available to us in our painful (common to the more

  • Do You Know This Jesus?

    Contributed by Jim Parisi on Aug 18, 2002
    based on 33 ratings

    Do you know this man who died on a cross, so that you may live forever? Do we realize the Gift that is offered to us by His unselfish act?

    Do you know this Jesus? HHM Pastor Jim Parisi 8-18-02 John 4:7-15 7 A woman of Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, "Give Me a drink." 8 For His disciples had gone away into the city to buy food. 9 Then the woman of Samaria said to Him, "How is it that You, being a Jew, ask a more

  • How To Help People Find Eternal Life As Jesus Did – John 4

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Aug 19, 2002
    based on 136 ratings

    It is easy to determine when something is aflame. It ignites other material. Any fire that does not spread will eventually go out. A church without evangelism is a contradiction in terms, just as a fire that does not burn is a contradiction.

    How to Help People Find Eternal Life as Jesus Did – John 4:7-39 Statistics:George Barna reports some amazing facts. Most Americans, including profession Christians, believe that people are inherently good and that there primary purpose is to enjoy life as much as possible. a). 38% believe that more

  • Nitty Who I Was! #3 Series

    Contributed by Jeffrey Stratton on Aug 20, 2002
    based on 36 ratings

    This sermon is based upon Mike Yaconelli’s book "Messy Spirituality and is designed to convince Seekers that God wants our Nitty and Gritty lives

    June 1 & 2, 2002 John 4:1-18 “Nitty Gritty …Meet Who I Was!” Prairie View A & M University, located in Bryn, Texas, was founded in 1876 as a technical school for blacks in the then segregated Texas education system. It is the second oldest institution of higher learning in the state of Texas. more

  • The Roads We Travel

    Contributed by Troy Mason on Aug 23, 2002
    based on 44 ratings

    A communion sermon

    THE ROADS WE TRAVEL John 4: 1-26 INTRODUCTION: That, too, was a moment of amazing grace and Holy Communion. · This woman, too, (like Josh) felt unworthy. and she, too, wasn’t real sure that this encounter with Jesus was legal. · She, too, was accustomed to being sneered at, talked about, looked more

  • Divine Appointments

    Contributed by Tommy Jackson on Aug 31, 2002
    based on 25 ratings

    God creates appointments for us each day, but are we keeping those appointments?

    Divine Appointments OPEN: For three weeks now the Lord has been dealing with me. It seems like everywhere I turn I can¡¦t get away from this one area, or subject if you will. I have finally concluded that he not only wants me to listen to him on this subject, but that he also wants me to speak more

  • A Simple Request For A Drink Of Water

    Contributed by Tammy Garrison on Sep 10, 2002
    based on 64 ratings

    This is the 3rd in a series of 5 sermons of people who encountered Christ personally & how their lives were changed. The woman at the well invites us to meet Jesus at the struggles in our life and rise above our troubles.

    It all started with a simple request for a drink of water. It is noon, the hottest part of the day. Jesus has been traveling with the disciples. He’s on his way from Jerusalem, traveling North to the area of Galilee. The journey takes them through the countryside of an area called more

  • The Woman At The Well

    Contributed by Russell Brownworth on Sep 12, 2002
    based on 110 ratings

    From lostness to spiritual awakening on a leap of faith.

    September 15, 2002 The depression took the fun out of 1932. It was no time to go into business. But Ted and Dorothy Husted bought the little drug store in their town. Grasshoppers had eaten all the crops in the region. This, in turn was followed by a dust bowl, a long drought, temperatures for more

  • Harvest Principles

    Contributed by Victor Nazareth on Sep 16, 2002
    based on 214 ratings

    Jesus experienced a harvest of souls at Sychar in Samaria. From this encounter with the Samaritan woman we can glean some harvest principles. Seven things we must do to bring in the harvest:

    Introduction: We are living today in the most exciting time of human history. There are more people alive today than there ever have been. There is potential for literally millions of souls to be harvested into the kingdom. Jesus experienced a harvest of souls at Sychar in Samaria. From this more

  • Building Bridges

    Contributed by David Parks on Sep 18, 2002
    based on 52 ratings

    Bridges bring us together. Walls seperate us.

    Building Bridges TEXT: John 4:1-14 INTRODUCTION: 1. Bridges really fascinate me. 2. How many of you have ever crossed the Mackinac Bridge? 3. List of famous bridges and theirlengths. 4. Bridges bring people and things together. 5. Whoever designed them was a great benefactor to man. 6. First one more

  • The Two Ingredients Of Worship Series

    Contributed by Jeffery Richards on Sep 19, 2002
    based on 48 ratings

    Fourth in the series on worship. We must worship in spirit and in truth.

    THE TWO INGREDIENTS OF WORSHIP John 4:23-24 One day a pastor went home to lunch with one of the families in the church. While he was waiting to be called to the table the mom and dad were in the kitchen preparing things but the little 9-year old boy was in the living room with the pastor. The more

  • Trouble Tree

    Contributed by Chris Surber on Sep 19, 2002
    based on 48 ratings

    Message about finishing the race and pressing on inspite of our falures and the times when we struggle in our life.

    “Trouble Tree” Introduction: Philippians 4:11-13 Illustration: I heard a story of a man named John who hired a plumber to help him restore an old farmhouse, and after he had just finished a rough first day on the job: a flat tire made him lose an hour of work, his electric drill quit and his more