Summary: THis sermon deals with the positive side of sex as God intended for it to be. It gives reasons for why and why not.

Steppin Up To A New Level Of Thinking About Sex

GNLCC 4/2/06 Song Of Songs 7:1-9 1 Corinthians 7:1-8

Now for those of you who were paying attention during the Scripture reading, you would have noticed that a man is describing how beautiful his naked wife is to him. He described the movement of her legs, the beauty of her navel, the curves on her hips, the excitement in her eyes, her breast, her nose, her hair, and her head. He went on to say you stand fine and tall like a palm tree and the coconuts sitting at the top of the tree remind me of the deliciousness of your breasts. I got to climb that tree and grab hold of its fruit. Now I want you to notice that this passage is just as much the word of God as John 3:16.

If you want to step up to a new level of thinking about sex, you need to see what God’s perspective was and is on sex. First of all let me tell you that God is pro-Sex. When He created Adam and Eve, he commanded them to have sex with each other. He said, Be fruitful and multiply. There were people who believed that the sin Adam and Eve committed was not eating from a tree as the word of God clearly states, but that they had sex with each other and somehow God got upset. Nothing could be further from the truth.

God designed men and women to be sexual creatures. God tells us to marry and to become one flesh with each other. God expects sex to be a delightful experience. If you read Proverbs, you will see God instructing men to enjoy the wife of their youth, and to let her body please and satisfy you at all times. If you read the rest of Song of Songs, you will see a lady looking forward to having sex with her husband as something pleasurable and desirable. In the New Testament, husbands and wives are told they have a right to enjoy each other’s body. God designed sex so that it feels good. God gave us sex also for the building of commitment of two people to each other in marriage.

God has been consistent with his position on sex since the dawn of creation. His position has been and still is, I have given you sex as a means for you to express yourself and your love for each other fully and intimately within marriage. God is glorified when a husband and a wife express themselves in a loving sexual relationship. Sex is such a pure and wholesome image that God uses it to describe the relationship between Christ and the Church. That is why the church is called the bride of Christ.

For some reason we allowed Satan to come and steal what God had created and sex became something dirty and nasty and you were not suppose to talk about it. You had to learn about it in the streets, or at some sleepover or in junior high health class. It is amazing to me, how kids think the idea of their parents having sex is abnormal and weird, but that it’s natural for people on TV’s and movies to jump in the bed with just anybody at anytime. Isn’t it something that some couples don’t mind their kids hearing them yelling and screaming at each other at home, but they want to make sure the kids do not hear them possibly having sex with each other. Which situation is God being more glorified, During the arguing or during the sex. Maybe if more kids knew their parents were regularly having sex, it would take some out of the mystery out of sex.

Now God is very consistent with his views on sex, but not so our society. On the one hand our society says sex is great. It’s wonderful. Go out and have a great time. There is nothing wrong with it. But then it turns around and says, sex can leave some serious psychological problems when it is not used properly. Many of us have brought into the idea, that there is nothing wrong with having sex outside of marriage.

Why shouldn’t kids and teens have a good time with sex. Why shouldn’t two consenting adults have a great time with sex? What’s marriage got to do with it? Even if you’re married, how does it hurt to play the field a little bit? We enjoy being sexual creatures. Why do we wear tight fitting clothes and short dresses? We want to be desired by the opposite sex? We want to flirt. We want to flaunt what we have. We want to use our power that comes along with sex. That desire to use that power is starting at earlier and earlier ages. The fights in our home about what is appropriate to wear and what is not keeps moving back in time. The fight over what age to start dating heats up younger and younger. Just remember, the younger you start dating, the greater your chances of becoming sexually active.

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Aida Lopez

commented on Apr 5, 2009

Such a great sermon for young people. If all the young people in this country can hear this sermon at least once, I am positive it will wake a lot of them up; it help them reconsider having sex out of marriage.

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