Summary: This message deals with us truly waiting for God to act rather than trying to rush God into handling our situation. David allowed God to Handle Saul in his laife

“Stop Trying To Rush God, God Knows the Plan by Rick Gillespie- Mobley

Calvary 10/28/12 1 Samuel 24:1-22 1 Peter 4:12-19 1 Samuel 26:1-25

Have you ever felt like saying, “look I am just sick and tired of this and I just this to be over with so I can move on.” How many of you have found that just saying those worlds, does not necessarily make the situation end any sooner. I find myself trying to rush the election date to get here, because I’m sick and tired of all the political ads. When it comes to walking with God, one of the most difficult things for us to handle is when God shows or tells us what is going to happen in the future concerning our lives. The natural inclination is to then try to rush God in making it happen.

Imagine being 75 years of age and told that you were going to have a son, how many of you would think you needed to take action fairly quickly. Well God had the couple wait another 25 years before the child was born. In the mean time Abraham and Sarah caused themselves a lot of pain and turmoil in their lives by trying to rush God in the process. They thought God had forgotten them, so she gave him a younger woman to get her pregnant, which led to the women fighting each other, and then to Sarah and Abraham fighting each other, and to whole people groups fighting each other. You may not like your circumstances right now, or you may feel you are ready for a change, and that’s fine, but do not forget, God knows the whole plan for what He wants to do in you. God just might want you to stick around a little longer.

There are going to be times in our lives, when God is going to want to do something great in and through us. Even though we may know its going to happen, we have to be careful not to force some things to happen to soon. Sometimes we have to wait for God’s timing to make it happen. One of the great lessons every believer is going to have to learn is to "stop trying to rush God." It’s not that God is against you and your desires, it’s that God has a plan and a purpose for your in mind, but we all need more equipping than we think to handle the situations which God knows are coming our way.

In our Old Testament reading, we read about David. Do you remember who David was. He was the youngest of eight sons of a man named Jesse. His father did not think much of him, and had pretty much written him off. But God saw something special in the heart of David. God sent the prophet Samuel to anoint David to one day be the future king of the nation of Israel.

The only problem was there was already a king over the nation of Israel. But God started preparing David to be a great leader and a person and faith and courage. In the beginning the lessons were great. David killed the giant Goliath and everyone rejoiced. He was made the general of King Saul’s army, and God led him from one victory to another. You talk about timing. David was in the right place at the right time, and the enemy was defeated time and time again. The way God was preparing him for his future job was amazing.

But then David had to learn not only how to handle success as God prepared him to become king, he also had to learn how to handle defeat as God continued to prepare him for being king. Do you realize , where ever God is leading in your life, you have to know how to handle success and disappointments. Nobody wins all of the time in life.

David’s quick rise to the top, made King Saul a little nervous. But when the King heard the women singing, “Saul has killed his thousands, but David his tens of thousands.” The king became very upset and jealous. He made up his mind that he would have to get rid of David. At first he tried killing him by sending him into battles he did not think David could possibly win. Then he tried killing him, through throwing a spear at him. Then he tried by sending others after him to hunt him down. Finally he tried to kill him by going after him with 3,000 men.

When David heard the good news of one day becoming king, he did not know that part of the lesson would include personal and live training sessions on how to avoid assassination attempts on your life. Many of the lessons we learn in preparing to become the person God wants us to be come in real life situations. We do not become stronger in the faith, simply by reading a book on “10 ways to become stronger in the faith.” No God would rather provide us with 10 situations in which we will emerge as stronger believers if we remain true to His word.

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