Summary: This is a Father’s Day message challenging men to become all that God intended for them to be.

The Making Of A Man

June 19th Father’s Day Psalm 1:1-6, I Corinthians 13:4-12 , 2 Timothy 2:1-6

Today we take time our to acknowledge and to thank those men in our lives who have served us as fathers. They may have been fathers, our grandfathers, our uncles, our older brothers, our coaches, our teachers , our counselors, our pastors, or that neighbor down the street. Men who have taken the time to invest some of themselves into us which has made us a better person today.

Well since God created man in His own image, and God is a Creator, then God must have put within every man, the power to create something. The issue is not, will a man create, the issue is always, what type or quality of thing is he creating. This ability makes a man of immense value. Look at a man and say, “you have tremendous potential. So use it wisely.”

When God created us, He created us with the idea that we would grow. We would move from being a baby to being an adult. One of the most important verses for us as men to remember is when Paul wrote, “when I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man I put childish ways behind me.

When a child talks, everything centers around the child. “Watch Me do this.” “Come look at me.” “Get that for me.” “I want this”. When a child thinks the child is still at the center. What is going to be best for me. When a child reason, the child is still at the center. “if I can’t have it my way, I’ll take my ball and go home.”

Do you know its possible to be a 20 year old child, a 40 year old child, and even a 60 year old child. Some of us guys at age13 were chasing after girls, at 21 we were still chasing. At 45, 55, 65 life still revolved chasing skirts as though that’s all we were created to do.

Men, we have to break the cycle of the myths that keep spreading among our young boys if we are going to help make them into men. What are some of these myths. Myth No. 1. Having sex produces instant adulthood. Somehow we think we da man because we tricked some girl with our lies and promises to have sex. Sex does not make anyone more of a man, unless that sex occurs in a marriage in the most loving of ways and that man has fully committed himself to that woman for life. That’s when you can get up and walk away feeling like a man.

Myth No.2 Having sex is an expression of being in love. We have mistaken a feeling inside with love. Love does not need sex for proof that you have it. Love which matters springs not from the emotions of how we feel, but from the mind to do something conscious. Do you want to know if you love her, “How patient are you with her, how loving, how kind, how much will you suffer for her, how humble are you in her presence, how much of your pride will you swallow for her.

Myth No.3. When she says no, she means yes. Our young men who watch the music videos and look at pornography think just because some girls are gyrating their bodies in all directions, that all girls are ready to have sex once they are alone. There are some girls and women who specialize in teasing, but a no is still a no. We need to let our boys to know, that sex one time with a woman or girl they thought she was saying yes, even though she claimed to have said no is enough to be labeled as a sexual predator for 10 years with the law and can end you up in prison serving real time in a real jail

Myth No. 4 You can’t get pregnant just by doing it once. Our young men have no understanding of how menstrual cycles work.. We need to get across the message that every girl and every woman is a valuable person, and to try to use them once for our own pleasure is wrong morally and a stupid decision financially. Just one time can cause some $200,000 in child support payments over 18 years. That does not count the tragedy inflicted upon the child by the father having left and gone somewhere else. Now you can say no to temptation and buy you a house, or yes and mess up three people’s lives not to mention the family you will have later on.

God has a plan laid out for our lives as men to make us into the kind of creators he want us to be. The word of God uses three different images which go into the making of a man in 2 Timothy Chapter 2. The Apostle Paul was writing to Timothy to encourage Timothy to mature in the faith. Paul knew that life gets hard and he did not want Timothy to miss out on what God had for him. In verse 3, it says, endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

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