Summary: This message is part of our Super Heroes Series. The sermon shows how the story of the Transformers is taken out of the Bible. Although Optimus Prime is a great leader, he is not on the same level as Jesus Christ.

Super Heroes—Optimus Prime —God Calls You To Be A Transformer

7/16/2017 Isaiah 42:1-9 Ephesians 4:17-32

We are in our series Super Heroes. So far we have looked at a Superman and found his story in the story of Moses. We looked at Wonder Woman and found her story was in the story of Deborah the Judge. Today we look at Optimus Prime. Optimus is from the show, Transformers- More than meets the eye. Let Me introduce you to him in a short clip.

Movie Clip

Optimus Prime comes from another world called Cybertron. He is the leader of a group of robots who transform into various vehicles and they are called auto-bots. Optimus Prime is the largest of the auto-bots, and he is their undisputed leader. A great war has taken place on his home world, and Optimus and their enemies have come to the earth. The auto-bots are in constant battle with their enemies from their home world, known as the Decepticons led by Megatron who has no problem with destroying the human race.

Optimus Prime stands about two and a half stories tall. He has a very strong moral character, excellent leadership skills, brilliant military tactics and is the strongest among the auto-bots. He has a strong sense of honor and justice. He is greatly respected by his followers and he is willing to lay down his life for his friends and even for the humans. He fights for the protection of life and liberty for all intelligent species

. In his battle with Megatron, Megatron said, “Humans don’t deserve to live”. Optimus responded, “they deserve to choose for themselves.” To which Megatron responded, “then you will die with them.”

Optimus desires to help the human beings with their battles. He tries to be around in disguise by transforming into a semi-truck so that he can be among the people. His auto-bots do the same thing by appearing as taxis, jeeps, sport cars and motorcycles. But in their attempts to help, they will be misunderstood by the humans.

Optimus Prime will be rejected by the humans for trying to set up his own kingdom, he and his auto-bots will be betrayed by the humans, and some will even be destroyed by the humans. It is only when the humans recognize there is a power stronger than themselves whom they cannot defeat, that they want Optimus Prime and the Auto-bots to come to their aid again.

As much as Optimus Prime wants to help others and transform them, he can’t change their hearts. Even with all his power, he cannot win over his own kind the Decepticons who have given themselves over to evil. He cannot win over the human race because he cannot change their hearts. They only want Optimus’ advice so long as Optimus is seen as their servant and they are in control. When he and the auto-bots stand in the way of human pride and ambition, they are declared enemies of the planet earth .

Any serious bible student will immediately recognize that the story of the transformers comes out of the Bible. There is the battle on the home planet and both sides ending up on the earth. Sounds to me like the war that raged in the heavens and Satan and his demons were cast out of heaven and landed upon the earth. There is the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, who once stood at the side of Optimus Prime, but now Megatron is bent on destroying the people on earth.

Sounds to me like the biblical story in which there was an angel in heaven by the name of Lucifier, who once worked for God, but became proud and arrogant and was cast out committed to destroying humanity. He later became known as Satan, the father of all lies the great deceiver. Revelations 12:9

There is Optimus Prime with his small band of students whom he teaches to work for justice and righteousness. He lives in front of them, the life he wants them to live. They know he would willingly give up his life for them. They are rejected and betrayed by the people they try to help.

Sounds to me like another transformer by the name of Jesus, with a small band or disciples whom he demonstrated what the kingdom of God was like by living it before them. He willingly gave up his life for his followers after being rejected by those he came to save. Some of his followers were killed by the people they were trying to help.

Optimus Prime knew the best way to help humans was to find a way to live among them in disguise. Sounds to me like a story in the bible, in which God wanted to help us humans to live above the hatred, the suffering, the pain and the evil that we were practicing, and God transformed himself into the form of a human being so that He could be among us in disguise.

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