Summary: Will following the example of the Magi lead us to worship Christ?

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Matthew 2: 1 – 12 / Where Is He?

Intro: We don’t give much attention to stars. They are there all the time so we just ignore or forget about them. Astrology is a group of systems, traditions, and beliefs which hold that the relative positions of celestial bodies and related details can provide information about personality, human affairs and other "earthly" matters. In astrology, a horoscope is a chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, the astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. There are some people who plan their whole life around the “dictates of the stars.”

I. What stars do you follow?

A. Do you chase after the rising star of the hottest mutual fund? Do you bank on your own “star appeal” to bring your good fortune? Does stardust make you blind to everything around you except that special someone?

B. Some people go so far as to pattern their life after other “stars” such as “movie stars,” “pop stars,” “recording stars,” or “fashion stars.”

C. There are those who follow all the latest trends in fashion and the arts trying to make themselves into something they are not.

II. In MT 2: 1 – 12 we have the story of some men who also followed a star; but for different reasons. There is a word that occurs at the beginning, middle, and at the end of this story.

A. Matthew doesn’t tell us there were 3 magi. We just assume there were 3 because there were 3 gifts mentioned.

B. More important than the gifts or the number of magi is the reason they followed a star. The reason is proskyneo, a Greek word that appears in Verses 2, 8 and 11. This word was commonly used to describe the custom of prostrating oneself at the feet of a king.

C. That Greek work is translated in the New International Version as “worship him.” In the New Revised Standard Version, the word is translated “pay him homage.”

III. For the Magi, the purpose in following the star was to fall at the feet of the king to whom it would lead them and worship him. They journeyed not to bring gifts; but, to declare their loyalty and reverence. See Vs. 11 – only after their act of worship, only after giving themselves completely to Christ, do they present their material gifts.

A. They had their priorities straight: First homage, first worship, first giving themselves utterly and completely to Christ; THEN, offering their gifts.

B. The shepherds came to the manger out of curiosity; but, the magi (the wise men) came to worship.

C. Where is Christ in your life? Why do you come? Do you come to worship? Do you come to give? Do you come to GET? The truly wise, come to worship by offering themselves as the ultimate gift.

Conclu: Many come to the Christ child, apathetic and indifferent. Some are so preoccupied with holiday celebrations they fail to seek Christ much less worship Him. Have you journeyed to the manger this year to be unchanged and go back home the same person? Our king has come. Are we excited enough about the news to share it with others? More than likely, apathy sets in the minute we leave the church doors behind giving little thought to the presence of Christ in our life or our world. Where is He?

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