Summary: This Sermon Deals With Stewardship From The Point Of View That Jesus Is Lord Of Our Lives.

Which Lord Is My Lord Part 2

10/29/95 Psalm 1:1-6 Luke 12:13-34 Matthew 7:21-27

Last week we looked at probably the number one problem in the church today which is a lack of recognition of the lordship of Jesus Christ over the lives of those who claim to be Christians. The issue of "who is my lord" determines the way in which we are going to live our lives. Either Jesus Christ is in charge of all areas of our lives, or we are still in charge bowing down to some other master. Last week, many of you signed a check in which you declared that Jesus Christ had full ownership of your life.

Lordship settles the issue of who is going to be in control of my life and the issue of who has a right to my life. Is God going to be number one. Does God have the right to come into my life and use it as He sees fit. By signing that check, you were answering yes to both questions. Today we are going to go a step further in lordship by dealing with the profession issue of lordship.

When we submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ, it is no longer just talk, but action. It’s not simply nodding our head and saying amen, it is obedience. It’s not just saying Jesus is lord with our lips, it is saying Jesus is Lord with our lives. Now Jesus should know the most about lordship since he was the one teaching it. We’re going to look at a couple of Jesse’s teachings on lordship, so that we can have a good understanding of what Jesus intended for us to do.

Before we turn to the passages, I want you to understand that there are two surprises of lordship. When Jesus teaches about lordship, we will discover that there are two different groups that are surprised about lordship in what He teaches. The first group that is surprised is the lord Jesus himself. There are some things about lordship that even surprised Jesus. Let’s look at Luke 6, beginning at verse 46.

Luke 6:46 "Why do you call me, ’Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? Let’s stop here for a moment saints. Jesus is saying, let’s talk about lordship for a moment. I am a little surprised. I’m a little amazed. He says some of you, I’ve been hearing you call me lord, and yet you do not do what I say.

Even Jesus is surprised of people who will make a profession of his lordship and not do what He tells them to do. He says people how can you keep calling me lord, and you don’t back it up with your life. Jesus is saying, this just doesn’t make sense. How can I be your lord, and you’re not obeying me. Jesus is surprised.

In Luke 6:47 he gives us the test for lordship. I will show you what he is like who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice He is like--stop--, and then he talks about the two builders, but we will look at them a little later. In verse 47, Jesus gives us three steps to lordship. The first step is to come to Him for He says everyone who comes to me. Until you have come to Christ, God is not lord of your life. You may be religious or spiritual, but that does not make Jesus your Lord. You’ve got to come to Jesus and come on His terms.

He says the one comes to me and hears my words, there’s step number 2. You have got to hear the words of Jesus Christ. You’ve got to put yourself under a teacher and learn what it is that Jesus is saying. But that’s still not enough. For Jesus says , the one who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice. There’s step number 3. It’s not enough to come to Jesus, or to listen to Jesus, you’ve got to practice what it is that you have learned.

Let’s suppose that I’ve been smelling under the arms. It doesn’t do much good to go buy me some good deodorant, learn about all the wonderful ingredients inside of it, and memorize how well it stops wetness and for how long it will do it, and then never use the stuff. I could buy bottle after bottle and show you how well I know my deodarants. But while I’m showing it to you, I’m still going to be stinking. One day someone is going to get brave enough to tell me, you’re stinking and you need to use some of the deodarant you’ve got before checking out what’s coming out new this week.

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