Summary: This sermon is written to encourage women to ener into ministry and to cause us to look seriously at the Scriptures and women as God’s servants.

Why Can’t A Woman Preach

1/21/2007 2 Kings 22:11-20 2 Timothy 2:8-15

One of the things that we believe about the body of Christ is that it is far larger than any one church, one denomination or one nation. That is why we encourage you to attend bible studies at other churches. There are some churches that teach you should not attend any other church, because they have the real truth. Each church is different and looks at the bible in a particular manner. Each pastor does the same thing As a result, we are not going to agree on everything, but we will agree on the core teachings of who Jesus Christ is and how Jesus calls us to live our lives.

Our goal in teaching you the Bible is not to memorize facts, but to learn how to interpret the bible adequately for you to make changes in your life according to the word of God. In studying the bible, you cannot understand a verse, unless you look at the verses around it, the context in which it was written, the people or circumstances it is addressing, and the reason the information is being recorded.

For instance when the bible refers to Satan as the god of this world. Does that mean Satan is God like God is God. Does it mean that since we live in this world, we should pray to Satan. Of course not. In order to understand that verse and who Satan really is we have to see what the rest of the word of God says about him.

We also see that Judas felt very sorry about having betrayed Christ. He was so regretful that he went and hung himself. Does that mean, when we fail Christ the appropriate action to take is suicide? Of course not. We have the rest of the Bible to interpret that passage for us, and to let us know this is not what should be done.

When the bible says, a drink a little wine because of your stomach ache and your frequent illnesses, Does that mean all Christians who have a stomach ache should head for a wine bottle in order to get well. No. Paul gave that message specifically to Timothy because of a condition that Timothy had. There are some things in the bible written to a specific church because of a specific problem going on in that church. In other words, we need to look at the entire bible.

There were some things that were not allowed in the Old Testament, that are changed by the New Testament. Which means they are now allowed. There are some things allowed in the Old Testament, that are prohibited by the New Testament which means they are not allowed. There are some things prohibited by the Old Testament and still prohibited again by the New Testament which means they are never allowed.

The role of women in the life of the church and society continues to be a baffling point. It is one of the dividing lines among churches who love the same Lord and Savior. A lot depends on which way you choose to see the bible and which verses do you intend to dwell upon. In the Old Testament, we have a very rigid society of priests and prophets. Priests performed duties in the tabernacle and there were women from priestly tribes who worked at the tabernacle.

The prophets who spoke for God were chosen by God Himself. In 2 Kingss 22:11-20, when King Josiah wanted someone to interpret and explain the word of God, his high officials including the high priests, went to a married woman who was a prophet to get her to speak forth a word from God. The Scriptures record her as saying “This is what the Lord , the God of Israel says.” Every word she spoke came to pass. What does that tell you about God’s thinking of a woman’s ability to speak for him?

In the New Testament, Jesus sent the Samaritan woman to tell the people in Samaria about Him. Her first sermon could have been entitled,”Come See A Man Who Knows Everything.” A whole crowd of men came to see Jesus after her first message? What does that you tell about Jesus’ position on whether or not a woman can preach? In the book of Acts, Chapter 21, we find that one of the original 7 Deacons, Phillip who had become an evangelist, had four unmarried daughters all who prophesied. If it is the Spirit that gives us the gifts of the Spirit, what does these four women receiving the gift indicates that Holy Spirit’s position is on whether or not a woman can preach?

Again I recognize that m any Christians are divided over different roles that women should fulfill in the life of the church. That division will probably continue until Jesus returns. I’m not saying those with whom I disagree are not saved. We simply choose to come at the same verse from a different perspective. I’m coming from the perspective, if God has allowed and approved women speaking it in the Old Testament, and Jesus approves it in the New Testament, and the Holy Spirit comes upon women with the same gifts, then something unique is happening in verses that same to limit women.

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Solomon Shorter Sr

commented on May 30, 2007

As a student and teacher of systematic theology, this sermon has sent me back to the Holy Book for research, reception and revelation.

Terry Holcomb

commented on Jun 2, 2007

Why is it, that it is a bad thing that the Word of God clearly defines this issue? Is it because we insist on our will and not His will? The sermon is well written and most assuridly identifies most key scriptures. We should let the scriptures speak for themselves. Adding this many personal assumptions or work arounds that are not spoken from the Word is dangerous. And you are right, this is why we will probablly be dealing with this until our Lord's return.

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