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Summary: This sermon was used on Mother’s Day, but it challenges us to see women as the gift God created them to be which is on an equal level with men.

Women-God’s Gift To The World

5/13/2007 Genesis 1:26-28 2:15-25 Galatians 3:26-29

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day, in honor of all the women who have played an important role in our lives helping us to move beyond where we were to where we are today. We say thank God for the women who taught you how to have a queen inside of you. Chances are, no matter who you are, you could not have reached the point in life you are without the assistance of some woman somewhere in your life.

How many of you can think of a woman in your family who made a difference for you either your mother or someone else? How many of you can think of a teacher, a coach or a guidance counselor, who encouraged you a long the way? How many of you can think of a friend, a co-worker, a sister in Christ who was there for you when you really needed a friend? How many of you can think of a woman who has gone on, but you wish you could talk to them one more time and say, “if you could only see me now.”

What is a gift. A gift is something we do not earn nor can we demand it. A gift is always freely given and must be received for it to truly be a gift. Gifts can come in all shapes, sizes and packages. Gifts can be very expensive or not expensive at all. What makes a gift a gift is the heart of the giver and the heart of the receiver. The heart of the giver wants to bring joy and excitement to someone. The heart of the receiver welcomes the gift.

The greatest giver the world has ever known is God. Everyday God gives each one of us something that we need. We did not create the air, the water, the food, the love and the life we receive each day. God arranged for it to be there as a gift when God created the universe. Creation itself is a gift. If you read the creation story, God’s final gift to the rest of Creation is a woman as separate entity from a man.

Suppose you had the car of your dreams given to you as a gift. And you parked that car while you went into the bank to get out your life savings so that you could fill the car up with gas and get some insurance. While you were in the bank, a semi truck smashed into your car and kept going. Your car was completely wrecked but it still moves.

You have no insurance. You take a picture of your wrecked vehicle. A friend of yours takes the car to his garage and takes it apart. But has a heart attack before he can start to put it back together. Another friend looks at all the pieces and says he can put it back together if you show him a picture of what it originally looked like.

Which picture are you going to show him in order to get the best results from him. Are you going to show him the picture of the car after it was hit by the semi-truck or a picture of the car when it first came off the assembly line. Which picture will give you a better idea of what the original designer had in mind for the car?

Okay we can pretty much agree, if you want to get back the original gift as it was intended, you need to go back to the original design before the semi-truck came smashing into it. What if I told you, that most people wanted to rebuild the model based on what it looked like after the truck had smashed into it? How many of you would be thinking they’re making a mistake? Now the fellow putting the car back together may be able to make it run, but it’s not going to run or look like what it originally looked like?

Now God created women as a gift to the world. In Genesis chapter three, there was a semi-truck that came crashing into creation, and it was called sin. It smashed directly into the first man and woman who were called Adam and Eve. It hit their relationship really hard with pieces flying all over the place. Things were never quite the same. In Genesis chapter 3, we see the fall out of being struck by this semi-truck. First the woman would have pain in childbirth. 2. The woman would have a strong desire for her husband, but he would rule over her. 3. The man would have to work hard as a farmer. 4. Both of them would die.

Now many people who study the Bible, and want to see how men and women are to relate to each other, base their theology on this third chapter of Genesis. But Genesis shows us what the relationship was going to be like after the semi-truck had hit. It was after the semi-truck of sin entered their relationship that we had this hierarchy of male domination of females. If we truly want to understand the gift as it was originally given, then we have to look at the original blue print.

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