Summary: This is a sermon preached on Father’s Day with the theme we should live lives so that others can look back and declare, Wow--What A Man

Wow—What A Man

Father’s Day 6/15/2003 Genesis 39:1-23 2 Colossians 3:12-17

Today we celebrate Father’s day. One thing we all have in common here to is that we all had an earthly father who was the instrument God used to bring us into existence. We can say thank you Lord, whether the father was a great one or a poor one, because without that father, we would not be enjoying the blessings of God today.

Let me say thank you to every man who brought a child into this world, and was committed to that child for life. You were there for the child with food, shelter, clothing, and love. Thank you to all the men present who took the place of a father in child’s life for whatever reason or circumstance, because you have made a difference.

Thank you to the men who made some mistakes along the way, but you tried to go back and do what was right for your children. Thank you to boys who are yet becoming men, who have made up your minds, I’m not bringing a child into this world until I’ve gotten a wife that I’m committed too for life, so that I can be the kind of father God wants me to me.

Every male here was created with the possibility for excellence. Now men woudn’t it be great if after coming into contact with us, others would look at us as we leave thinking in their hearts, “Wow, what a man.” We may get excited to know that a woman is thinking that about us, but it’s just as important to know that our children, our family, and most importantly of all , our God are all eager to say the same thing about us. “Wow, what a man.”

Now men somebody lied to us along the way and told us the secret to having people say this about us is to drive the right kind of a car, build a home in the right neighborhood, get a job with some status, dress to kill and have the women chasing after us . There was a father who had all this and then some. He not only lived in the right neighborhood, he built the neighborhood. He was Chief Executive Office of several corporations.

His little black book did not consist of 10 to 20 names. He had an inventory of 1,000 women to choose from on any given night. Now before you say to yourself, “wow what a man” let me tell you, when he died, he said it was all meaningless. He said, “I would have been better off serving God with my life than taking the path I chose. His name was Solomon. Read the book of Ecclesiastes to see the life of a man who had it all as far as money, power, and sex are concerned and where it left him.

I want us to know that some of us as men are far more blessed than we can imagine. It is a blessing to have a wife and children that love us. It’s a blessing to know the presence of God in our lives. There are so many things that could have us, but don’t because Christ has either taken it away or kept us from going there in the first place.

The good news today is that it’s not too late for us to be changed into men of whom others can say, “wow what a man,” . Jesus Christ is still in the business of taking lives that are headed in the wrong direction and turning them around and doing something great in the life of the person on the road.

Imagine for a moment that one beautiful day you went on a walk out into the countryside looking for some people. You find the people you’re looking for but they don’t like you. Instead of simply hating on you, they sell you as a slave to a group of people from another country. These slave owners take you to still another country and sell you again. Nobody in you family knows where you are. You have no way to contact anybody. You’re not even sure of where you are.

How many of you know, when you’re down and out, it’s good to know that you have somebody in your corner or that somebody has your back. Well here is this fellow by the name of Joseph with chains on his hands in a country he did know, with nobody around to do him a favor. It would have been a hopeless situation for Joseph, except for the fact, that for some reason God had looked at Joseph as teenager and said, “Wow, what a man.” You see God had looked at Joseph with the possibility for what he could become with some time and some work under the right set of circumstances.

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Richard Wagner

commented on Oct 15, 2006

This is a wonderfully thorough review of what it means to be a man. Great job!

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