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After 14 years of studying the Bible, William Miller (1782-1849)--a U.S. revivalist who predicted the second coming and earned a large but temporary following of 50,000-100,000

Became convinced that Christ would return in 1843.

When Miller announced April 3 as the day, some disciples went to mountaintops, hoping for a head start to heaven.

Others were in graveyards, planning to ascend in reunion with their departed loved ones.

Philadelphia society ladies clustered together outside town to avoid entering God’s kingdom amid the common herd.

When April 4 dawned as usual the Millerites were disillusioned, but they took heart.

Their leader had predicted a range of dates for Christ’s return.

They still had until March 21, 1844.

The devout continued to make ready, but again they were disappointed.

A third date--October 22, 1844--was set, but it also passed.

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