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Boat Without Oars

One day I was goofing off with a friend at the lake shore and we found a boat. It was a sixteen foot long metal tub with no identifying marks on it. The thing had apparently come loose from its moorings somewhere around the lake and come up against the eastern shore.

So, being about fourteen years old, my friend and I could not resist sitting in the boat while talking about all the adventurous things we were going to do with it. Because of course, when you are 14 and you find a boat it is automatically yours.

We were going to paint it, we were going to name it, we were going to put seats in it, we were going to get some oars…

Oh, yes, that’s right, there were no oars – which came acutely to our attention when we looked up and realized we had drifted about 30 – 40 yards from shore.

The writer to the HEBREWS is teaching us that through neglect and inattention it is very easy to drift away from spiritual truth.

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