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Violinist Hoped To Pleases His Father With His Performance More Than the Audience

Paul was not a man pleaser, but a bondservant of Christ. His message had not changed and would not change to accommodate men. As the servant of Christ, he preached the truth revealed to him by Christ. His objective in life was to do the will of Another, to live his life in service to his King. This prohibited him from changing his message or adapting it to suit others.

A professional violinist was giving a concert. When he finished, the crowd jumped up from their seats and gave him a standing ovation. He had delivered a magnificent performance. The young violinist, with tears coming down his cheeks, walked off the stage, dejected. The stagehand saw him and said, ‘Why are you so sad? Those people are going crazy out there and you are crying. I don’t understand.’

‘Do you see the one man in the center down there? He is still sitting.’

The stagehand said, ‘Yeah, SP what? There are two thousand other people who are standing.’

‘This is true, but you don’t understand. That man down there in the middle is my daddy. He’s also my violin teacher. If he doesn’t stand, it doesn’t matter what two thousand other people do.’

If God doesn’t applaud when He sees how you live your life, it doesn’t matter what everybody else does.

From a sermon by Kraig Pullam, No Other Gospel, 11/20/2009

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