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One of the first exposes of the beliefs of our future ministers was made by Redbook magazine in August of 1961. The publishers hired one of the top pollsters in the nation to survey a full representation of our seminaries which are supposedly preparing men for Christian service in the Protestant churches. Here are some of the results -- compare them carefully with what the Bible says about apostasy.

That far back, of the ministers in training, 56 percent rejected the virgin birth of Jesus Christ,

71 percent rejected that there was life after death.

54 percent rejected the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

98 percent rejected that there would be a personal return of Jesus Christ to this earth.

In a Turning Point Daily Devotional, David Jeremiah related this story: During the mid-twentieth century, one of the most recognizable brand icons in America was a dog sitting in front of an old-time gramophone, head cocked, listening to the sound. That iconic image, owned by the RCA Victor record company, was taken from a painting by English artist Francis Barraud.

The dog, Nipper, had been owned by Barraud’s brother, who had recorded his voice on early phonograph records. After the brother died, Barraud inherited Nipper and the gramophone and records. Whenever the records with Nipper’s master’s voice were played, the dog would sit in front of the gramophone listening to his master’s voice.

That’s a beautiful image of the relationship between Jesus Christ and us. He has gone away from earth, so we can no longer hear His physical voice. But we sit in front of His Word, and kneel before Him in prayer, and listen for our Master’s voice. The Bible was given to be the voice of the Lord until He returns, and prayer is how we confirm what we believe He has spoken to our hearts.

How easily can you pick out the Master’s voice from all others?

Listening for the Master’s voice is a sign of loyalty and longing --an indication that we are eager to hear and obey.

(From a sermon by Bobby Scobey If the Church Became Unchristian # 6 - Personal Exploring vs Uniformity, 6/22/2010)

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