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My brother Curtis had come home from Italy to visit us, and attended worship at the congregation where I served. Afterword, he wanted to go to Mammoth Cave and show his wife and son one of the natural wonders of the US. We tagged along, and I told him I knew the way. He said, “Naw, we’ll use the GPS and that will get us there faster.” I should have never listened to him! We went through Amish country, down every backroad, and ended up at a trailer in the middle of nowhere! I asked him to let me see his GPS, and he had entered Mammoth Cave, KY…not Mammoth Cave National Park! He said from that point on, I would be in charge of directions anywhere in Kentucky! We can claim to have the directions, but are we sure that they are right? There is only one true source for Christ...and that is His Word!

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