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  • Our Favorite Indoor Sport Series

    Contributed by Guy Mcgraw on Jan 29, 2001
    based on 45 ratings

    The things that divide the body: are they worth it?

    THE THINGS THAT DIVIDE US Rom 14:1-12  The favorite indoor sport of most Christians is sizing up each other, identifying the differences, and slicing up the body of Christ. 1) In case you have not looked around lately we are very different. We look different, we act different, we talk more

  • Ending Christian Intolerance Series

    Contributed by Timothy Peck on Jun 27, 2001
    based on 101 ratings

    What Christian tolerance is, what qualifies for tolerance, and why God views it as significant.

    In our culture, tolerance has been exalted as the highest virtue to be embraced and pursued. In a recent article about tolerance in "Christianity Today," Christian author Daniel Taylor suggests that intolerance is the only serious sin left in our culture. Taylor says, "America is sick of intolerant more

  • Don't Judge Others . . . Judge Yourself!

    Contributed by Jonathan Mcleod on Jul 22, 2001
    based on 291 ratings

    If you don’t want to be judged, don’t judge others; and if you want heavenly rewards, judge yourself.

    There’s the story of the conscientious wife who tried very hard to please her ultracritical husband, but failed regularly. He always seemed the most cantankerous at breakfast. If the eggs were scrambled, he wanted them poached; if the eggs were poached, he wanted them scrambled. One morning, more

  • Thank God For Broccoli

    Contributed by Stuart Blount on Apr 19, 2001
    based on 66 ratings

    We have all been ’judged’ wrongly, or have ourselves been guilty of wrongly judging people. The bible offers much practical guidance for us.

    “THANK GOD FOR BROCOLLI” Living free from judgement We live in a world full of opinions. Yet there is a fine line between having an opinion and passing judgement. Greek word for Judgement is ‘krino’ and is the same word used for Condemn The Bible confronts the issue of judgementalism. In fact more

  • Peace In The Church Series

    Contributed by Eric Snyder on Apr 28, 2002
    based on 56 ratings

    adapted from Steve Higgs at Merridian Christian

    Peace in the church, Live @ peace series Eric A. Snyder, Farwell Church of Christ April 28 2002 It is not our first instinct to accept those that are different than us. This is illustrated the best in Junior High School. Have you ever noticed that junior highers have a label or description for more

  • Don't Judge Diets And Days!

    Contributed by Guy Glass on Jun 8, 2004
    based on 17 ratings

    This Wednesday Evening message deals with -- In this section of Romans, Paul is taking the opportunity to speak to the church at Rome concerning the application of spiritual principles into EVERYDAY life. Paul’s primary concern in this section of Romans

    DON’T JUDGE DIETS AND DAYS! Romans 14:1-13 INTRODUCTION: In this section of Romans, Paul is taking the opportunity to speak to the church at Rome concerning the application of spiritual principles into EVERYDAY life. Paul’s primary concern in this section of Romans is not how the Christian is to more

  • When Christians Disagree (Part 1) Series

    Contributed by Dan Borchert on Sep 22, 2004
    based on 6 ratings

    Beleive it or not, there are times when christians will disagree. There were be times when we will not be on the same page with each other, how do we handle that?

    Romans 14:1-12 Getting on the Same Page as God About When Christians Disagree (Part 1) Introduction A. Growing up here in PA I never realized how big the Civil War is even to this day in the South B. I thought we were over that C. When I went down to Toccoa Falls In GA I quickly realized they more

  • Weak And Strong Christians.

    Contributed by Melvin Shelton on Oct 15, 2003
    based on 23 ratings

    There is a time you can be right and altogether wrong.

    Weak and strong Christians. Rom. 14. 10/19/03 This morning I have a situation and I really need your help. I know that you have just been waiting for this moment and eager to help me. Because without your help this message will not be relevant at all. Because, you see, there is a time you can more

  • Have A Nice Trip? Being Stumbling Blocks

    Contributed by Pat Cook on Aug 30, 2004
    based on 23 ratings

    I looked topically at what being a stumbling-block is, and the implications. Didn’t answer a lot of questions, but it makes a listener think anyway.

    Have a Nice Trip? Being Stumbling Blocks Example: 2 youth ministers giving out Bibles at a porn retailers convention Example: my buying booze or fishing on Sunday What is a stumbling block? LEV 19:14 - " `Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind, but fear your God. I more

  • Halloween

    Contributed by Scott Bayles on Nov 6, 2003
    based on 229 ratings

    Christans often think of Halloween as evil. Paul says it is not. Here is a historical, biblical and practical perspective on Halloween.

    If this sermon is helpful to you look for my latest book, “The Greatest Commands: Learning To Love Like Jesus.” Each chapter is sermon length, alliterated, and focuses on the life and love of Jesus. You can find it here: HALLOWEEN by Scott R. Bayles, more

  • Serving God By Giving Freedom

    Contributed by Paul Apple on Oct 17, 2000
    based on 15 ratings


    WE ARE TO SERVE GOD BY ALLOWING FELLOW-BELIEVERS THE FREEDOM TO BELIEVE DIFFERENTLY, DESPITE OUR DIFFERENCE OF OPINION 1. We Must Accept Fellow-Believers Despite Our Differences of Opinion (:1-3) a. Problem -- strong in faith vs. weak b. Specific cultural example c. Our Attitude = spirit of more

  • Standing Fast

    Contributed by Bob Ashcraft on Apr 21, 2002
    based on 64 ratings

    God has given us the ability to be steadfast, even in the most trying adversities. This message explores four aspects of "standing fast."

    11/01/1998, 04/22/2001 Standing Fast "Four Aspects of Standing Fast" 1 Cor 15:58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. · God has given us the ability to be steadfast. · It is one of more

  • Freedoms That Hurt Series

    Contributed by Alan Braun on Mar 21, 2002
    based on 57 ratings

    A study on the Book of Romans

    Freedoms That Can Hurt Chapter 14 Some of our problems of Christian unity stem from our backgrounds. Each person has been raised in environments that helped create much of their thinking. Paul realizes that the Jews were saved out of a legalistic background and the Gentiles were saved out of a more

  • Gray Is Not A Primary Color

    Contributed by Billy Kryger on Aug 13, 2002
    based on 45 ratings

    We must not judge a weaker brother on "gray areas". We need to distinguish between convictions and conveniences (preferences).

    There are some things that we must take a stand on. These are our convictions. Things that we would be willing to die for (Salvation is by grace alone through faith; the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, Jesus Christ was born of a Virgin, those who reject Christ as Saviour will more

  • "no Fear??"

    Contributed by Dwight Davis on May 30, 2002
    based on 54 ratings

    For the Christian, the old saying; "there’s nothing to fear but fear itself" is not just a is a way of life.

    “No Fear?” Have you ever seen that decal on someone’s shirt or in the back of a lot of car and truck windows that says “no fear”? Exactly what does that does it mean? Are they claiming that they are not afraid of anything? Do they think that they are somehow invincible more